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University of New Hampshire Library
by New Hampshire; Bouton, Nathaniel, 1799-1878; Hammond, Isaac Weare, 1831-1899; Batchellor, Albert Stillman, 1850-1913; Metcalf, Henry Harrison, 1841-1932; Hammond, Otis Grant, 1869-1944
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Topic: New Hampshire -- History Sources
Introduction--Association test, colony of New Hampshire.--New Hampshire men on the Massachusetts revolutionary war rolls.--New Hampshire revolutionary pension roll; reprinted from volume 1 of the "Report from the Secretary of war ... in relation to the pension establishment of the United States. Washington: Printed by Duff Green. l835."--New Hampshire pension roll of 1840; reprinted from "A census of pensioners for revolutionary or military services ... Washington: Printed by...
Topics: Military pensions -- United States Revolution, 1775-1783, New Hampshire -- History Revolution,...